Foundation Issues Caused by Trees

In our experience in South Louisiana, the biggest, single cause of foundation issues is differential settlement due to large trees. Large trees like Water Oaks and Live Oaks have extensive tap root systems that extract large amounts of water from the soil. Crepe Myrtles can also cause major damage because they grow very fast in a short amount of time. These trees, and many more like them, remove disproportionate amounts of moisture from soils under and adjacent to concrete slab foundations. In the end, one side of the house will tend to settle while the other side of the house won't, which can cause cracks in the foundation.

Prevent Settlement Issues with Root Barriers

Affordable Foundation Repair, LLC in Abbeville, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Iberia, LA and surrounding areas, installs root barriers to prevent roots from removing moisture from the soil around a home's foundation. Installation of root barriers requires insertion of a poly biodegradable material to a depth of approximately 48-inches about three to five feet from the exterior walls of houses. This will prevent tree roots from growing past the root barriers and causing damage. In most cases, this corrects 90% of settlement issues. If the damage has already been done, we can provide repairs. Let our experts give you an honest, free estimate. Call our office today for an appointment.